Friday, July 17, 2009

What kind of people...

In 2005, some compassionate humans rescued a Humpback Whale who had become entangled in weighted fishing lines off the Farallon Islands near San Francisco. I know those waters all too well, and had those humans not risked their own lives to save this magnificent being, it would surely have drowned, or even worse, been eaten alive by the giant Great White Sharks (or kraken as we know them) that frequent those forbidding waters around the islands known as The Devil's Teeth. (See "Daring rescue of whale off the Farallones" by Peter Fimrite). According to the divers who saved the whale's life, after being freed, it circled back and nuzzled each diver before disappearing into the deep.This act of gratitude on the part of an intelligent and sentient being, is made all the more sad by the fact that this year Japan has approved the slaughter of Humpback Whales as part of their annual harvest of great whales in the name of "scientific research". It troubles the mind and torments the soul that the rest of your world sits idly by while such barbaric acts are allowed to continue. What kind of people are they to be so cruel, arrogant, and depraved? And what kind of people are you to be so indifferent, and callous, and aloof?

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