Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh great and restless sea...

A man of power and prominence in your world died this week. It is for others of your kind to judge whether his achievements outweighed his flaws. For me and my fellow beings, it is enough simply to say that he was a sailor who loved the sea, and in his memory this poem is dedicated.

Hear us oh great and restless sea,
oh wondrous ocean deep and wide.
Your boundaries all beings keep,
your storms and tempests we abide.
Pray let us pass in the days to come,
free from thy wrath, safe on thy tides.
That we may cross thy mighty plains,
and suffer not like those who died.
And in the end, with our journey done,
may we to thee simple sojourners be.
Once here in time and place, then gone,
from thee oh great and restless sea.

God speed, Senator Edward Kennedy. May the fair winds of heaven bring your ship safely home.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Are you interested in going?

There is a planet in another galaxy populated by a civilized race of beings more advanced than us. They have been travelling to earth for hundreds of years. At first they just came to observe but soon they began capturing humans, taking them back to their planet where they keep them in captivity. Recently, thought leaders on their planet have objected to this policy and most trips to earth have stopped but not all. As a result, 80% of all humans in their zoos are now born in captivity but 20% are still provided by capture ships that come to earth on a regular basis. Life in their zoos is safe, clean and comfortable, if somewhat boring. There is good food, excellent medical care, lots of exercise, frequent sex and no financial worries. Are you interested in going? I didn't think so. Oh well, this weekend if you have nothing else to do, why don't you go to your city's aquarium instead and see the dolphins. Might be fun, don't you think?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Living stones on lonely shores.

A nation at war. A stagnant economy. Divisive debates at the highest levels in the land. Life savings slipping away. Homes lost. Dreams fading. Aging parents. Unsettled children. Cancer. Crime. Chaos on cable. We get it. Life is hard. And with all of the above crashing down on you, why should you care about whales and dolphins? Because you are killing them. That’s why. Every single one of them; through the cruelty of the few or the apathy of the many. Either way, they are just as dead or soon will be.
If you don’t do something now all hope for tomorrow will be lost. And when we have all been dead ten thousand years, there will be nothing left to mark our passing except barren lands and empty seas, and in between on lonely shores, living stones will cry out in silence the three words that will serve as our collective epitaph; Arrogance. Intolerance and Stupidity.
If you do care and want to help, let us know. We're waiting...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Lesser people in a lesser world.

Somewhere in the world a dolphin died today. Born at sea, he had spent his youth as a wayfarer of the open waves; riding rhythmic tides and relentless currents; slipping past jagged rocks and over rippled sandy bottoms; flying above thrusting sea mounts and gaping chasms; free on the wind swell. Free. And then one day, all that ended. He was captured and sold to men who imprisoned him at an aquarium, where each day thousands of your kind gaze and gawk at dolphins, as they perform stupid and demeaning tricks, and beg for food. But not this dolphin. He refused. Doomed to a life of unending sadness he simply stopped breathing and died. He was not the first to do so and he will not be the last. Your kind took little notice of his passing and for that you are a lesser people, and this is a lesser world: this endangered blue marble drifting silently through space; a place of terrible beauty and unintended cruelty that you call Earth but whalekind knows as Planet Ocean.