Thursday, August 13, 2009

Living stones on lonely shores.

A nation at war. A stagnant economy. Divisive debates at the highest levels in the land. Life savings slipping away. Homes lost. Dreams fading. Aging parents. Unsettled children. Cancer. Crime. Chaos on cable. We get it. Life is hard. And with all of the above crashing down on you, why should you care about whales and dolphins? Because you are killing them. That’s why. Every single one of them; through the cruelty of the few or the apathy of the many. Either way, they are just as dead or soon will be.
If you don’t do something now all hope for tomorrow will be lost. And when we have all been dead ten thousand years, there will be nothing left to mark our passing except barren lands and empty seas, and in between on lonely shores, living stones will cry out in silence the three words that will serve as our collective epitaph; Arrogance. Intolerance and Stupidity.
If you do care and want to help, let us know. We're waiting...

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