Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh great and restless sea...

A man of power and prominence in your world died this week. It is for others of your kind to judge whether his achievements outweighed his flaws. For me and my fellow beings, it is enough simply to say that he was a sailor who loved the sea, and in his memory this poem is dedicated.

Hear us oh great and restless sea,
oh wondrous ocean deep and wide.
Your boundaries all beings keep,
your storms and tempests we abide.
Pray let us pass in the days to come,
free from thy wrath, safe on thy tides.
That we may cross thy mighty plains,
and suffer not like those who died.
And in the end, with our journey done,
may we to thee simple sojourners be.
Once here in time and place, then gone,
from thee oh great and restless sea.

God speed, Senator Edward Kennedy. May the fair winds of heaven bring your ship safely home.

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