Friday, May 21, 2010

Voyeurism At Its Worst

Two weeks from today, season 3 of the television series Whale Wars will begin. It documents the battle that occurred this past year in the Southern Ocean between the Japanese whaling fleet and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. I submit that there are three kinds of viewers who will watch this series: the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY, as follows:

The GOOD: these people truly care about whales and believe that Sea Shepherd is helping protect these magnificent creatures. They are not! By saving hundreds of whales this year, Sea Shepherd has ensured that thousands more will die in future years. And by watching this show, those of you in this group are contributing to the perpetuation of the slaughter. Your viewership provides profits (blood money) for the network, and misguided encouragement to Sea Shepherd, all of which further strengthens the pro-whaling movement in Japan. Therefore, I plead with you, the most humane of all humans, NOT to watch Whale Wars.

The BAD: these people do not care about whales at all, and only watch the show because they think Sea Shepherd are noble warriors of the high seas. Sadly, this admiration is totally misplaced, and would be better directed towards the real heroes of society, police officers, firemen, and the military. However, I will not try to reason with you in this group because thinking is not your long suit.

The UGLY. These people only want to see blood and they do not care if its whale blood or human blood as long as the slanting decks and frigid seas are covered with it. The more the better. I will not waste any time or arguments on you. You display voyeurism at its worst and you are a lower form of life than whale lice.

So there you have it, as Whale Wars begins another season, the network gets richer, Sea Shepherd gets more acclaim, and whales will continue to die. And for that reason, you humans are a lesser race and this is a lesser planet.

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  1. Dear Mr. Clouston....What indeed can I say? I just read your quote from a response to someone's blog...."blending scientific fact with fiction...." I will be publishing The Dolphins of Oceanus next week with and a preview copy has been read and reviewed by Dolphins-World called "Transforming Public Opinion" and the reviewer makes exactly that claim, that this work of imaginative fiction is so good at taking the reader into the dolphin's world and letting him exist there and associate with an array of vividly-portrayed dolphin characters--to the extent that the reader will feel he's never seen dolphins and whales that way, ever, and that it is this kind of artistic work that can have the most profound influence of any kind of effort in changing public opinion. I invite you to visit my website at and see what I am doing, see indeed that we are definitely brothers in this passion. I look forward to reading further into your work. John Hoopes