Monday, June 7, 2010

Good Bye And Good Luck

I began writing this blog a year ago and during that time, it has been read over 3,600 times by people living in 57 countries around the world; people like you who care about whales and dolphins. I sincerely appreciate your patronage but I must confess that I wish I could have reached many, many more of you. I suppose that with the catastrophes, corruption, and chaos that mankind is currently facing, the plight of whales and dolphins is just not that important. Therefore, I have decided to take a hiatus from writing this blog; quite frankly, I do not know if I will ever be back. In parting, I will leave you with a poem from my book, The Tempest’s Roar: it is a prayer for all those in peril on the sea, including the whales and dolphins with whom we share this planet; this tiny blue marble drifting silently through space that we call Earth but they know as Planet Ocean.

Oh Great And Restless Sea

Hear us oh great and restless sea,
oh wondrous ocean deep and wide.
Your boundaries all beings keep,
your storms and tempests we abide.
Pray let us pass in the days to come,
free from thy wrath, safe on thy tides.
That we may cross thy mighty plains,
and suffer not like those who died.
And in the end, with our journey done,
may we to thee simple sojourners be.
Once here in time and place, then gone,
from thee oh great and restless sea.

Take care all, perhaps one day we will meet again…


  1. I just found this blog and sorry that you are not continuing with it. It seems to me that the plight of whales and dolphins has never been more poignant as now - the Gulf oil spill will affect many of these amazing mammals. I hope you find inspiration to continue this work.

    I am collecting stories of human encounters with whales and dolphins. If you read this and have a story you would care to share, please email me:

  2. I just found this blog as well, and am very sad that you are not posting any longer. It could have touched so many more people!
    I have just read this great book, and I hope that you see this comment. It was called "Last Song of the Whales" by Four Arrows, Ph.D. and it was an amazing and touching tale. A humpback whale took a man out to sea in his mouth and showed him the death and destruction that humans were causing. It is a fantastic read, and all proceeds go to saving the whales!