Friday, March 4, 2011

The Voice of God?

Scientists believe that there is a lone baleen whale somewhere out there in the oceans of our world whose song is so low that others of its kind cannot hear it. This unique whalesong was first recorded by hydrophones in 1989 at a frequency of 51.75Hz, which is just above the lowest note on a tuba, and has been tracked many times since. The scientists say that baleen whales, such as blue, fin, and humpback, communicate with each other using sound between 12 and 25Hz, and they conclude that this whale, whom they have named 52Hz, must be all alone, without friends, or family, or a mate because it sings so low.

However, I submit that there may be another explanation: perhaps, just perhaps, we are not the only intelligent and sentient beings on this tiny blue space marble who believe in and pray to a Supreme Being; and if you are willing to suspend disbelief and accept this notion, then maybe what the hydrophones are picking up is not whalesong, but the voice of God.

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