Monday, June 6, 2011

No Chance To Say GoodBye

It has only been five years since the Australian Snubfin Dolphin was recognized as a separate species but the government's Threatened Species Scientific Committee is concerned that the Snubfin is on the verge of extinction. Found exclusively in the coastal waters off Northern Australia, it is only two meters in length with brown coloring on top, lighter brown on the sides, and a white belly. It has a bulbous head with a flexible neck and a small, snubby dorsal fin that is the reason for the name that we humans have given it. By their appearance and behavior, they are very appealing little beings and for those of you who have read The Tempest's Roar, I am certain that Pan would have loved knowing them. But before Pan or any of us ever get that opportunity, they will likely vanish forever. And we won't even get a chance to say goodbye...

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