Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where is the justice?

Now I am not usually one to be envious of my fellow marine mammals; goodness knows our lives are hard enough as it is, without wanting to take on someone else's challenges. However, this week I could not help being a little jealous of a Manatee that your kind has named Ilya. Apparently, for years now he has spent his summers wandering up and down the Atlantic seaboard, sometimes as far north as Massachusetts, which if you know how un-streamlined this big boy is, and how slowly he swims, is a feat unto itself. If he wants to roam northern waters in the warmer months and return south in the Fall, then I say good for him. But this year, after staying too long in New Jersey, he was flown home to Florida on a United States Coast Guard C-130 airplane. And therein lies the problem. Now that they have set a precedent, there are going to be thousands of marine mammals who expect the same treatment. For example, I know a cheeky little Harbor Porpoise named Pan (see The Tempest's Roar) who has always wanted to fly. How am I going to explain to him that only Manatees get to do this? Where is the justice?

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