Monday, December 21, 2009

To Dwell In Darkness Yet Pray For Light

Almost ninety percent of all human beings live north of the equator and for all of you who do, today is the shortest day of the year: said differently, today is when you dwell the longest in darkness. You refer to this as the Winter Solstice, and for thousands of years the days leading up to this longest night have been marked by celebrations in all great religions. Regardless of how you worship God, or the precepts of your faith, a common theme across Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, is the sense of rebirth, revelation, and enlightenment that underlies these hours of prolonged darkness. In essence, your celebrations in the face of such enduring gloom all contain the promise of the return of the light, and the hope for better days. It is in that spirit then that I wish all of you great peace and joy as you celebrate your faith. In so doing, I pray that one day my kind, the whales and dolphins who share your world, will live free from the persecution and wanton destruction still inflicted upon us by some among your kind.
We will speak again in the new year. Until then, may God shine his light upon you and deliver you from darkness.

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