Thursday, December 3, 2009

An Unfolding Tragedy

According to the Associated Press, a tragedy is unfolding in the waters off Hawaii even as you are reading this. A young Humpback Whale is entangled in over 400 feet of heavy gauge, polypropylene rope and is in imminent danger of drowning. Well-meaning humans who are trying to save the whale have attached a location transmitter to the rope but so far they have been unable to free him due to rough weather. Those of you who have read The Tempest’s Roar, know that Humpback Whales are my favorite of all the great whales—they are the most energetic and vocal and dynamic of all large beings—and one in particular, whom I shall call Zeus, has been a guardian angel to me. I pray that this young whale can be saved but in my heart I fear that he will not survive this tragic example of the collateral damage of mankind's presence on the seas. So please join me in saying a prayer for this little big guy lost and alone, and struggling to survive in that vast blue ocean on the far side of the world.

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  1. Any update on Zeus? She/he has been in my thoughts.