Sunday, September 20, 2009

Looking for God in all the wrong places.

With the turmoil in your world today, it is not surprising that your society has become sharply polarized. Caught between the extremes of right and left, endlessly bombarded by self-righteous prophets of doom, disgusted by the partisanship that holds your government hostage, you have become bitter and mistrusting, uncertain of what to do or where to go. In increasing numbers, you turn to houses of worship; not those of your youth, but prayer palaces where thousands just like you seek solace in spirtualtainment, but are left unfulfilled. Alone, even when you are not, in the savage silence of the night, you lie awake and cry out to God. But you are looking for him in all the wrong places. He is not external to your physical being, rather he is inside you, deep within your collective unconscious, on the other side of memory; the pathway to which lies through your dreams, for they are the signposts of your soul. I know this because we, the other sentient beings who share this planet, are closer to God than are you. He comes to us in the night, every night in our dreams. He shows us the way, and teaches us how to pray, and our world is better for it. Go to him. Close you eyes and dream. He is waiting for you there.

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