Thursday, September 24, 2009

So I say good for them...

On a lighter note than my recent postings, it was with interest, and I must admit a degree of perhaps unseemly pleasure, that I noted the recent news report of dead Humboldt Squid washing up on beaches in Oregon. Of all the creatures in the ocean that my fellow whales and dolphins have to tolerate, the ones you call cephalopods are particularly disagreeable. While they may be intelligent (to the degree that any boneless creature can be), they are also aggressive, obnoxious, ugly (by any standard), and prone to squirting their odious ink all over the place whenever they feel threatened. As much as I lobby your kind to get you to treat my kind with respect, I confess that I feel no regret when these multi-legged bullies find themselves on the wrong end of their life cycle. So I say good for them…they have lived their lives, and filled whatever purpose it was that God intended for them, and then moved on, leaving the seas a better place…at least as far as I am concerned.

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