Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lost and alone on life's journey.

I wonder how many of you feel lost and alone right now on your journey through time and space toward eternity. All around you are the sad signs of a civilization that has lost its civility: a petty politician insults the leader of the free world and then stands in smug self-righteousness on the floor of congress, blind to his own insignificance in the grand scheme of things; a mega-rich tennis superstar castigates a meek and underpaid official and then jokes about it with her vainglorious friends; a rapper climbs on stage at an awards show and makes a fool of himself while embarrassing an innocent young girl and later gives an apology that reeks of insincerity; or even worse, talking heads from the left and right incessantly spew their bile and bitterness over the airwaves seeking to divide and destroy the very nation they claim to defend. These puppets of narcissism, and purveyors of discord and dissent, have created a great gray fog of ennui that covers your world, a dangerous cloud into which you are dragged by these sheep in wolves’ clothing. In my world, the wolves wear no such deceptive cloaks. The Great White Sharks, Giant Squid, Transient Orcas, and the like, are what they appear to be, nothing more and nothing less. They come at me coldly and unerringly, with no intent to deceive, only to destroy. I know them for what they are and what they intend. And I would not trade any of them for the veiled evil that grows stronger day by day on your side of the thin blue line that divides our two worlds. May the same God that made us both be with you all.

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